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San Nicolas Maritima Services S.L. is a young and dynamic company, with a great experience in the marine sector thanks to our specialist team.


Located in the southern Spain, in the area of the Strait of Gibraltar, it exerts his work in all the Iberian Peninsula, although it is in the Bay of Algeciras and Gibraltar, where we concentrate our major efforts and activities.


We have ample facilities and offices in strategic locations in the Ports of Algeciras and Gibraltar, where our Main Offices are located. 


We have sufficient technical and human resources to satisfy all your needs in diverse scopes. Shipping and Forwarding Agency, Crew handling, Underwater jobs and repairs, Machinery repairs, Logistic of spare parts, Maintenance of Fire & Safety equipment, are between many other tasks in our services range.


In addition, we can arrange Customs authorizations and declarations, for any spare parts supplies and logistics, as well as their distribution by our own transportation. 




 Management system policy

SAN NICOLAS MARÍTIMA SERVICES S.L. is a company dedicated to providing cost-effective and efficient services to the ships of our clients with main ports of call in Algeciras, Ceuta, Huelva and Gibraltar. We have sub-agencies in all Spanish ports, including the Canary Islands.


The competitive prices in the sector, the agility of response in the consultations, the fulfillment of the deadlines of delivery, as well as the knowledge of our personnel are key elements for the continuous improvement of our processes.


In order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and to perform our services with the highest quality standards, we have decided to implement and maintain a Quality Management System according to the guidelines of the UNE-StandardEN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 under the scope "Management of the provision of agency services to ships. (Consignment)"


In this way, SAN NICOLAS MARÍTIMA SERVICES S.L. undertakes the following obligations:


  • The Management is responsible for the effectiveness of the Quality Management System implemented in SAN NICOLAS MARÍTIMA SERVICES S.L.


  • Adopt the commitment of continuous improvement, setting objectives and goals, easily measurable and manageable according to the capabilities of our company, that improve both the services provided to customers and the quality management implemented.


  • Adopt necessary measures for the protection of the Environment, prevent and minimize the impact that our activity may cause to the environment, carrying out good environmental practices in the company. Ensuring an efficiency for the operational control of waste management and consumption of natural resources. As far as possible, these guidelines will be applied in a transversal way to the activity of the company for the preservation of the planet.


  • Ensure the training, competence and professional attitude of workers through training programs and environmental and quality awareness. 

  • Involve customers, suppliers in this Quality and Environment Policy, trying to make them participate in it and get together to carry out an adequate management of quality and environment.  


  • Improve the relationship with our customers and suppliers, valuing the satisfaction of the former and establishing communication channels with the latter for mutual benefit.

This Policy is publicly available and is reviewed and updated for continued compliance.

In Algeciras on April 7, 2021